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Dr. Jensen's MOCA program is the best and most efficient way to prepare for the MOCA examination. Besides just helping you prepare for and pass another exam, the home study materials and course actually constitute a meaningful review of information critical to the practice of anesthesiology. Specifically, the program combines MOCA Blue, the most focused home-study materials for the MOCA exam, with a 4 day, highly targeted question answer testing course which is taught in several cities. We recommend both.

Dr. Jensen's thoughts on MOCA

The ABA is replacing Recertification in Anesthesiology with MOCA (Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology). Currently, either program is available to those certified before January 1, 2000 but Recertification will close in 2009 and only MOCA will be offered as a path to recertification after this time.

Those certified after January 1, 2000 have time-limited certifications valid for 10 years. Anesthesiologists in this group need to complete MOCA before their time-limited certificates expire in order to maintain their diplomat status.

Since the same test is administered to both groups, MOCA Blue is excellent both for those Recertifying and for those taking the MOCA exam; the Recertification exam and the MOCA exam are the same set of questions generated from the same key words.

MOCA Blue is the premier tool to review, prepare, and excel upon either the Recertification or MOCA examination.

You are the Warrior. Your horse is education, training, skill, and dedication. MOCA Blue is your focus, your spear to slay the Dragon of Boards!

MOCA/Re-Cert November Course!

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