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Best Medicine for MOCA-Recert Boards!

New for 2016 MOCA 2.0!

The MOCA 2.0 is here. While the keywords governing the examination have NOT substantially changed, the manner in which the exam is administered has changed; the exam is very, very similar, but the manner in which it is administered is different.

The Board seems to desire more consistent and more sustained study over a longer period of time, and that’s likely why the exam is now being administered in increments over months—a plan the Board apparently believes is more consistent with "life-long learning."

Dr. Jensen's thoughts on MOCA
MOCA Course Video

MOCA Blue is the best and most focused one source to beat the MOCA examination. MOCA Blue has been revised and updated to meet this new exam format. MOCA Blue is better, more focused, and more updated than ever, and the same applies to Baby MOCA, Audio MOCA, and the live courses.

With respect to the course, and since the MOCA is a subset of the Written and there is tremendous overlap of key words and questions, the live MOCA courses and the Written courses are combined together and are taught as one, namely "Written-MOCA courses."

No program is more up-to-date and no program has 25 years of ongoing, concerted effort, tweaking, parsing, and re-parsing to attack the MOCA key word content domain which, again, has not substantially changed with the new manner in which the exam is being administered.

There’s no reason to fail the MOCA. Study consistently, gradually, comfortably, and in a focused way and you will not only pass the MOCA, but will review much pertinent information which is nicely summarized and in this way have fun with the process.

MOCA Blue, Baby MOCA, Audio MOCA, and the live courses will give you the best, high yield, most focused way to study for the MOCA and to thereby achieve the goal of the Board to better promote life-long (hopefully enjoyable) learning—a real "win-win".


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