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I was born in Indiana, grew up in Utah and currently an Adjunct Associate Clinical Professor in Anesthesiology at one of the oldest academic departments of anesthesiology in the United States.

I was student body president and played catcher for Olympus High School in Salt Lake City, Utah.

After graduating from Harvard College and from the University of Utah School of Medicine, I did my residency in anesthesiology at the University of Utah and University of Iowa, then completed a fellowship in cardiovascular anesthesia at the University of Iowa and a research fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

In 1990, I started Dr. Jensen Board PREP and for the past twenty years, have taught Written, Oral, Pain, Pediatric, and Re-certification anesthesiology Board preparation at over 490 courses to more than 25,000 anesthesiologists. I share the sentiments of the great Gen. George S. Patton who, while addressing his 3rd Army in 1945 said, “The highest honor I have attained is having my name coupled with yours in these great events.”

Four of my six siblings are physicians, along with a nurse and a lawyer. Besides Board review, I have some other passions, including tennis and collecting political buttons and baseball cards. I also love to return home to Utah, to visit the places of my ancestors, as well as Coronado, California.

My wife, Martha, and I have three children—Lauren, Hannah, and Adrienne. We live in Iowa City, Iowa.

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