Army of One: Boot Camp Operations Manual: How to Prepare for Written and MOCA Boards 12 CDs with accompanying text of insights, Lock'n'Loads and keywords covered primarily directed at HOW to prepare.

Niels F. Jensen, MD
"Army of One: Boot Camp Operations Manual"
How to Prepare for Written and MOCA Boards
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Good Morning

I am writing today about the Army of One and specifically to clearly review what it is, how it has evolved, the rationale behind it, and its specific purpose.

Personalized coaching can work when nothing else seems to.

The real intention for the Army of One is to provide help for those who must pass and/or are struggling somewhat in this effort and who need some extra, personalized coaching and attention to better organize and execute a successful line of attack.

The program starts with you listening to what I’ve learned about preparation over the past two decades. In order to provide personalized one on one coaching, in order for me to get into your game and personally meet with and advise you and utilize my experience over 20 years, in order for me to help you cross the Victory line, we need common ground, common understanding, a common and shared philosophy; you need to know my thoughts and insights about Board preparation.

I’ll share what I know in 12 audio CDs, which I would like you to listen to and reflect upon. After listening, read the accompanying scripts for the audio presentation.

After you have completed the audio program over approximately a week or two and reviewed the concepts in written form, too, answer some questions about your own preparation and fax the responses back to me along with your key words from the most recent exam you have taken. (This questionnaire can be found after the scripts for the CDs.) This will allow me to get quite a clear vision of your game and to perform key word analysis before our telephone conference.

Once you have heard the CDs, listened carefully and reflected, and completed the questionnaire about your current preparation, call my assistants and set up a time when you can call me for a telephone conference. This will last about a half hour. We’ll follow-up depending upon circumstances, and as the need arises.

For some, who must pass and/or who have struggled in the past, the Army of One will be determinative.

Tools and weapons to fight are always important—just as is physical training, conditioning, and techniques of engagement. Therefore, as I can, I will also try to feed you additional information.


Niels F. Jensen, M.D. #1 Board Coach

Additional Thoughts Upon The Army of One
Niels F. Jensen, M.D.

The Army of One is a tool to optimally plan and prepare for Written and MOCA Boards, with insights and specific instructions on 12 audio CDs followed by personal input from me, the #1 Board Coach, regarding the specifics of your preparation and how you can optimize it. I’ve coached and personally taught more people taking Boards than anyone in the history of our specialty, believe I can help you win, and look forward to that opportunity.

“If I had eight hours to cut down a tree, I’d spend six figuring out exactly how to do it.” (Lincoln) Too often, this is precisely what is NOT done, effective planning, and this leads to haphazard, disorganized, casual preparation and ultimately to casual, even failing results. The “Army of One, How to Prepare of Written Boards (with individual coaching from Dr. Jensen)” is designed to help you figure out precisely how your Written-MOCA Boards preparation game might be deficient, make corrections where necessary, execute a plan, and ultimately pass the examination.

For those who have struggled or who have a history of struggling on written standardized exams I propose you listen to the 12 CDs, read the accompanying notes, ponder where you are and where you need to be, make some plans based upon my suggestions, answer some questions, fax the responses to my assistant and then call me to set up a time when I can personally review your plan and discuss it with you.

If you execute a successful plan, you should be in the best possible position to achieve a successful result.

I cannot do the subject of, “How to Prepare for Written-MOCA Boards,” full justice at courses. And I can’t come very close, either. There is just too much to do, time is too short, and, in the final analysis, INDIVIDUAL CIRCUMSTANCES call for INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION; one size does not fit all. There is common ground, common experience, but, ultimately, each person is unique, each has individual circumstances, individual strengths and weaknesses, and individual key word profiles which must be factored into any successful plan.

One must start from common premises, insights, grounding, and understanding, the basis of the CDs, but when the dust clears plans must be modified in some respects to meet individual needs. These individual needs are the basis for our one-on-one coaching session(s) for the purpose of individualizing your preparation. In other words, I suggest you listen to my thoughts gained over two decades, reflect upon them, report your individual situation and give me the chance to coach you individually—to make suggestions and offer real and practice advise as well as an action plan for improvement.

You might have tried many things, but going back to first principles of HOW you are preparing and realizing and acknowledging there may be problems and deficiencies in your preparation, followed by change, can finally put you over the top and help many of you be successful.

Here is our action plan:
1) Listen to all 12 CDs as soon as you can. Ponder and carefully consider what you hear. How can you apply the insights shared to your own game?
2) Read the words, the script for what you listened to.
3) Fill out the questionnaire, detailing your preparation as it now stands.
4) Fax or send me the questionnaire, along with a copy of your keywords.
5) Contact my assistant and set up a time you can call me. We’ll need a half hour to go over things and to develop a plan.
6) Follow-up will occur to the extent either of us feels that need, and irrespective of any considerations outside of the most important one—WINNING. I don’t often get my own email so you can email me at, if necessary. However, please know, my email box is over overloaded and it’s far better when we do communicate to do so by telephone and at a mutually agreed upon time.

For many who have struggled or others who are not on a path to pass the Army of One insights followed by my coaching can be determinative. I don’t like losing. I assume you don’t, either, and therefore with your strong effort and my expertise and proven ability as a coach we can, must, and will be successful.

Serious situations sometimes call for serious plans, or as Napoleon put it, “Victory demands sacrifice. In some cases it even becomes necessary to burn your own warships. If military art consisted of taking safe positions, then glory would become the property of the mediocre." I don’t believe we will have to burn our own warships, but in many cases there are important changes which can make the difference between success and failure.

As has been said, “It would be so easy for our competitive situation to change, suddenly and quite dramatically, only a hair lies between our being successful and self-confident, open to change and able to change, and floundering mediocrity.” I believe in change, I have seen and can testify to the value of effective refinement and tweaking, and I’m confident it can work for you.

I’m honored and proud to help you. I agree with General George S. Patton who said to his 3rd Army in January 1945: “The highest honor I have ever attained is that of having my name couple with yours in these great events.”

In this spirit, Onward to Victory.

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