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Sad and tragic but how should "the airway" be managed and what are important anesthetic considerations beyond it?

31 yo 660 lbs for cholecystectomy. Surgeon says, "I have an office full of patients. Please get him off to sleep ASAP."

Patient says, "In Kansas, they put me right off to sleep. No problems at all."

52 yo male with history of angioedema presents with acute respiratory distress.

57 yo male. Long-time smoker presented with tumor on nose. "My wife convinced me something had to be done."

27 yo male presented with acute abdominal pain three days prior to Christmas. Healthy except some depression with approaching Holidays. Recently ended long relationship with female companion. Adominal plain film negative except for a large lightbulb. Further questioning led to admission by patient that he placed bulb through his rectum and into his colon. No information as to whether and how he intended upon lighting it.

An exploratory laparotomy was performed and the bulb extracted from the colon.

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