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"A" vs "B" vs "C" vs "D": What's the difference and when should one take course(s)?
The "A" Question Database hammers away at topics, questions, and key words in a question-answer testing format. It simulates the exam in terms of likely question topics, accustoms you to the pacing of the examination, and tests your knowledge of likely topic areas so you can focus especially hard on these in subsequent preparation.

"B" covers different questions and answers but embodies the same, successful format as "A" - namely a question-answer, testing format. You don't need to take "A" to benefit from "B". Neither set of questions is any "better" than the other, they're just different questions. Both databases cover all of the relevant topics tested. In general, all things being equal, Dr Jensen recommends taking the course as early as possible because it changes the way one prepares for the test and provides insights regarding topics of strength and weakness which are best gained as soon as possible.

"C" and "D" cover different questions and answers but embody the same successful format as "A" and "B" - namely a question-answer, testing format. You don't need to take "A" or "B" to benefit from "C" and/or "D". The questions in "C" and/or "D" are not any better than the questions in "A" or "B", but they are different questions and many who have attended "A" and/or "B" have found them very helpful. "C" and "D" are given closer to the examination and in this way are a "buff and polish" session, highly productive and useful in the 11th hour before D-Day. The Final PREP "C" or "D" programs calm anxiety, provide a focused and structured environment, and very much get the Ranger warrior in the "test-taking mode" which can be so critical to success.

Again, we are often asked which program is strongest. Our answer is honest and very simple: The courses are equal in strength. They are simply different sets of questions but many find they benefit from as much exposure to high quality questions and answers as possible.

2. What time do courses start and end?

Both Written and Oral courses start at 0800 and end about 1800. On Sunday, courses end at about 1200.

3. What's the typical daily course schedule?

Thursday 0730 Registration
  0800 Course Begins
  LUNCH (One Hour)  
  1800-1900 Course Ends
Friday-Saturday 0800 Course Begins
  LUNCH (One Hour)  
  1800-1900 Course Ends
Sunday 0800 Course Begins
  1300-1400 Course Ends

4. What airport should I fly into?

Boston: Logan International Airport

Chicago: O'Hare

Dallas: Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW)

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International

Los Angeles: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

New York-New Jersey: LaGuardia or Newark, depending upon the meeting location. This will be posted on the webpage about four weeks before the course.

5. When should I pay and by what means?

You should pay about 2-3 months before the course when your plans and intentions are firm by personal check if possible. If necessary, credit cards are accepted. If you plan to pay by credit card, the ordering page of boardprep.com is an effective and safe manner to do so.

6. How can I confirm my hotel reservations?

Please follow the instructions carefully in the hotel section of boardprep.com and/or the letter sent.

7. What is the course cancellation policy?

Material preparation and faculty flights and schedules are based upon presumed attendance. Refunds will be for $250 less than payment made.

8. When are books sent?

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by US Priority Mail which requires 5-7 business days for delivery. If the address is a suite or apartment, books are sent return receipt request (someone must sign for them) or you must go the postoffice to sign for them.

9. Is there are discount for attending more than one course? Is there a discount for repeating courses?

No. I try to price the courses fairly. My costs are fixed in sponsoring a meeting.

10. Book Return policy?

None. I would be happy to describe books in great detail but don't have the time or infrastructure to be shipping books back and forth across the country. Make sure when you order a book that you want it.

11. Can I switch courses?

Yes and without cost.

12. Where and when can I get hotel information?

On the web site under Hotel Information and Registration four weeks prior to a course. If it is not posted, please call the BoardPREP office at 800-321-7737. (We hope to have hotel information four weeks before the course, at which time it is sent to registered participants. By signing contracts this close to a course, we get the fairest price for both sleeping and meeting space.)

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